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Blowhole Point Rock Pool Kiama

Kiama & Gerringong: Best Rock Pools For Swimming

In this blog, we will tell you about the best ocean rock pools in Kiama & Gerringong. Both towns boast a few gorgeous local rock pools which are loved by Kiama’s locals and visitors. Craving a leisurely dip in the ocean without having to worry about battling big waves? Swimming in the rocks pools is the answer. 

In this article we will cover rock pool accessibility, safety, history, facilities and we will give you information on how to get there. Staying with us? We will also mention how far the pools are from our Nova Kiama hotel

There is something extremely energising about swimming in an ocean rock pool, wouldn’t you agree? The combination of fresh air, coastal views, salt water and the motion of the waves are the best way to start your day, break up your day or wind down with a sunset dip.

Ocean Pool Safety

Before we dive into describing the pools (see what we did there 😉 ), safety first. You might ask yourself if it is safe to swim in the ocean pools? And the answer is yes! All pools are regularly inspected for cleanliness and potential safety hazards. In summer, the pools get drained and cleaned regularly using a mild chlorine solution. After cleaning, the pools normally fill back up with ocean water through natural tidal action.

As ocean rocks pools fill up with ocean water, there are a few things to be mindful of. Firstly, wave action may introduce marine stingers and other sea creatures into the pool. Secondly, during high swell, large waves might enter the pools which can make it less safe to swim in. So it goes without saying to always be mindful of the conditions before jumping into a rock pool. 

The four rock pools we are covering in this blog are Boat Harbour Rock Pool, Continental Rock Pool, Blowhole Point Rock Pool and South Werri (Ourie) Rock Pool.

Boat Harbour Rock Pool

Location: Jupiter Street, Gerringong NSW 2534, Australia
Directions: Google Maps
Facilities: Barbeque | Boating Facilities | Car park | Picnic Area | Public Toilet

Gerringong Boat Harbour Pool
Gerringong Boat Harbour Pool

History and Pool Specifics

Boat Harbour Rock Pool dates from the early 1900s and was once a “Ladies Only” pool. However, nowadays the pool is open for all to use. With approximately 30 metres in length, the pool is quite large and rarely feels crowded. There is a railing to help you walk in and out. There is one steep section in the middle of the pool but otherwise it is quite shallow. The bottom of the rock pool is made of natural rock with a sandy beach at the shallow end.

There is always plenty to see at this rock pool. From fishermen trying to hook fish, swimmers doing laps, people out for a stroll to children climbing on the rocks, there is lots of activity around. This makes it a great spot for a nice swim or snorkel, or (if you’re not big into swimming) for people watching. There is parking available at Boat Harbour and you will also find a toilet block and change room nearby.

How to get to Gerringong’s Boat Harbour Rock Pool?

Truly a hidden gem, Gerringong’s Boat Harbour Rock Pool is situated spectacularly tucked-away below the cliffs. It features ocean views to the north and picturesque green farmland to the south.

The Rock Pool is a short 10 minute drive north of Shoalhaven Heads and a 15 minute drive from Nova Kiama. After you enter via Jupiter Street, the pool is accessible via a 50 meter long walkway which commences at the Boat Harbour Reserve. Find Google Maps directions here.  

Continental Rock Pool

Location: 4/8 Pheasant Point Dr, Kiama NSW 2533, Australia
Directions: Google Maps
Facilities: Car park | Public Toilet | Changing Rooms | Showers

Continental Rock Pool Kiama
Continental Rock Pool Kiama. Image Source:

History and Pool Specifics

Just like Boat Harbour Rock Pool, Continental Rock Pool also once was a “Ladies Only” pool. Not for long though because the locals wanted to use the pool for competitions and soon it became open to all genders. The 50 metre pool served its time as the main venue for local competitions until an indoor leisure centre was built just down the road. 

The rock pool can be a delight to swim in, especially at high tide on a warm summer’s day. This is when you can enjoy the waves gently flowing over the pool edge, sometimes without any other people in sight. There isn’t really a shallow end; the pool is quite deep all round. There are two options for getting in. The first being via vertical steps along the side of the pool, the second being via a ramp that takes you into the deeper section of the pool.

Changing rooms (including child changing facilities) and showers are located at roughly 100m along the path back towards town. Parking is available on Shoalhaven Street.

How to get to Continental Rock Pool?

Continental Rock Pool is situated at the north end of Black Beach Reserve in the Kiama township. Access the pool by doing down the path from Black Beach itself which is tucked in against the cliff face (before the headland). From Nova Kiama, it’s a 3 minute drive or a 10 minute walk. Find Google Maps directions here.

Kiama Blowhole Point Rock Pool

Location: Kiama NSW 2533, Australia
Directions: Google Maps
Facilities: Car park | Public Toilet | Change Rooms | Showers

Kiama Blowhole Point Rock Pool
Kiama Blowhole Point Rock Pool. Image Source:

History and Pool Specifics

Kiama Blowhole Point Rock Pool is one of the most popular rock pools in the region and it’s easy to understand why. One, it has incredible sweeping 180 degree views of Bombo and the Illawarra. Two, the pool is very close to the impressive Kiama blowhole – which is the largest blowhole in the world. And three, the rock pool is easily accessible being near Kiama’s town centre and train station. 

Kiama locals and tourists have been attracted to the natural rock formations of Kiama’s Blowhole Point Rock Pool since the 1880s. The pool has an irregular shape with variable depth and natural rock bottom. On high tide, occasionally waves break over the rocks around the edge of the pool. A shallow wading area on the side makes it suitable for young children to play at, which means it does get a bit busy in summer.

How to get to Kiama Blowhole Rock Pool?

The Rock Pool is located north of Blowhole Point. Accessible from the Harbour Road, there is lots of parking available plus there are amenities and change rooms on site. From Nova Kiama, it’s a 3 minute drive or a 10 minute walk. Find Google Maps directions here.

South Werri (Ourie) Rock Pool

Location: Geering St, Gerringong NSW 2534, Australia
Directions: Google Maps
Facilities: Car park | Public Toilet | Change Rooms

Ourie Rock Pool, Werri Beach
Ourie Rock Pool, Werri Beach. Image Source:

History and Pool Specifics

South Werri (Ourie) Rock Pool is located near a gorgeous sandy beach and next to a popular surf break. There is a main pool perfect for lap swimming and a smaller kids pool near. Ouri Rock Pool was built in the 1930s after campers at a local campsite requested a safe swimming place. This irregular shaped pool is constructed in the rock shelf and has a smooth, sloping concrete floor. It is more exposed to swell than the other rock pools in the area. This results in the risk of having to wet your feet to access the pool at high tide so make sure to check the tides and plan ahead.

Views from the main pool are amazing. As you splash around, you will look out over the length of Werri Beach and well as looking out over the ocean. At high tide with big swell, waves may break over the edge of the pool so be mindful and stay safe when entering. You will find stone walls above the water level where you can leave and keep an eye on your things.

Approximately 100 metres from the main pool, you will find the separate mini wading pool, perfect for kids. The pool is round and feels a bit like an ocean-side jacuzzi. At high tide, it might be a bit too rough for the little ones but at low tide it’s absolutely perfect.

How to get to Ouri Rock Pool?

You can access Ouri Rock Pool at the south end of Werri Beach with access via Pacific Avenue or Geering Street. There is plenty of parking available with change rooms and amenities on site (roughly 100 metres from the pool).  At 10 km from Nova Kiama, it’s roughly a 10 – 15 minute drive to get to the rock pool. Find Google Maps directions here.

Planning a trip to Kiama?

That was it for this blog, we have shared all our Kiama & Gerringong Rock Pools insights with you! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog and will have fun splashing around in the pools! If you’re looking for other fun things to do in the area, Kiama has plenty of options. For more inspiration, take a look at our previous blogs. If you are travelling with kids, have a look at ‘top 8 things to do in Kiama with kids’. If you’re a food lover, then check out ‘your hit list for the best eats in Kiama’.

Planning a trip to Kiama? Check out our Nova Kiama hotel rooms. Already booked with us? Feel free to ask our friendly staff for recommendations on things to do in the area. We love for you to enjoy your time in Kiama to the fullest.